Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine TVS-8000 Series


Pickles, Fish/shellfish boiled in soy sauce, Fish paste, Fish filet, Cut vegitable, Ham, Sausage, Industrial parts, etc vacuum pack

Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine TVS-8000 Series


  • Standard vacuum packaging machines in Japan.
  • With gread diversity of machine model, the machine with most suitable sealbeam for your products can be selected.
  • Hygienic complete stainless steel body.
  • Water filter equipped in standard prevents the vacuum pump from breakdown.
  • With the digital control panel, 9 kinds programs can be registered.
  • Table angle can be adjusted up to 20 degrees, which enables vacuum packaging even over-swapping products.
  • Soft-air is equipped in standard.
  • TVS-9600H with chamber depth 200mm is to be selected.


Vacuum Packaging Machine