Continuous Type Of Gas-filling Machine AGP-4000 Series


Shavings of dried bonito, castella, bun with bean-jam filling, dried food, sausage, medical instruments, industrial parts, etc.


  • Our unique system can achieve high replacement ratio of gas with keeping the gas consumption low.
  • Chamber type, but gas can be filled in as blow up the bag.
  • The information including working process and troubled point can be displayed on the touch panel.
  • 10 kinds of programs can be registered and it makes more efficient to work.
  • Completely stainless body ( Anodized aluminum chamber )
  • Complete stainless steel type is available at option.
  • The waterproof model which enable the machine to be washed is available at option.
  • The differrent options above mentioned can be combined.
  • This gas filling machine can be used as a vacuum packaging machine by just pushing a button.

The machine in the above picture is waterproof construction.(at optional)


Gas Filling Machine