Vacuum gas-filling Machine TVG-900B Series


Shavings of dried bonito, castella, bun with bean-jam filling, dried food, nuts, tea, medical instruments, industrial parts, etc.

Vacuum gas-filling Machine TVG-900B Series


  • Our unique system can achieve high replacement ratio of gas with keeping the gas consumption low.
  • Chamber type, but gas can be filled in as blow up the bag.
  • Retractable nozzle type which enables to make top sealing is available at option.
  • Filling the whole area of chamber with gas also can be adopted at option, which is suitable for powdered products.
  • This gas filling machine can be used as a vacuum packaging machine by just pushing a button.
  • This machine is always well evaluated as a gas-filling machine mainly for shavings of dried bonito.
  • TVG-949B is the successor of TVG-849S the best-selling machine in confectionery industry.


Gas Filling Machine