CNC Hypodermic Needle Grinding Machine

Outline of operation

The following operations are automated and run continuously.

  • Selection of grinding patterns on the computer display.
  • Placement of unfinished needle tubing on the carrying jig to be loaded onto the conveyor.
  • Operation (Jig feed, 1st and 2nd bevel grinding, and unloading of jigs)
  • Deburring (Liquid honing system)


  • CNC Hypodermic Needle Grinding System is a computer controlled highprecision grinding machine to grind the needle tube(Cannula), IV ,hypodermic needle and lancent.
    The registered number of grinding patterns exceeds 500 types, enabling the machine to meet a wide variety of hypodermic needle grinding requirements.
  • Addition of optional equipment such as automatic needle take-up mechanism, jigs for unfinished needle tubing, and the jig-carrying conveyor can create production line that is fully automated from the supply of Jigs through to deburring.
  • Grindable Gauge(Sizes) from 15Gauge to 26Gauge.


Work lengths of 26-33mm are optional.

Medical Related Equipments