Rotary Hypodermic Needle Grinding Machine

Rotary Hypodermic Needle Grinding Machine

Outline of operation

The following operations are automated and run continuously.

  • Tape-set pieces of needle tubing are drawn out of the bobbins installed in the needle tubing feeder.
  • Pieces of needle tubing are clamped one by one by the tubing clamping device installed on the turn table, and subjected to the 1st and 2nd bevel grinding stages.
  • Tapes are rewound again onto the sticking bobbins.


  • Rotary Hypodermic Needle Grinding System is a highly efficient as well as high-precision hypodermic needle grinding machine capable of grinding a maximum of 2200 needles/min.
    Example of acceptable needles:Cannula, IV ,hypodermic needle and lancent.
  • Furthermore, it achieves this output with minimal deviation from the specified length and angle of finished products.
  • The inclusion of the needle tubing taping device and needle tubing detaching device enable the production line to be operated fully automatically.
  • Grindable Gauge(Sizes) from 18Gauge to 23Gauge.


Grinding gauges of 25G and 26G, work lengths of 26-33mm are optional.

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