Automatic hot water sterilizer HWC Series

Automatic hot water sterilizer HWC Series

Capacity calculation formula

  • In the case of conveyor type of sterilization machine, the products should not be stacked when they should be sterilized uniformly because the products move along the conveyor belt in the boiled/cool water.
    For this reason, the dimensions of machine should be designed according to the feature of product,sterilization time, cooling time and the capacity needed. In view of this, we calculate and design the most effective and economical dimensions of machine case by case.
    Given the above factors, the calculation formula should be...

[ Calculation example (Given w=150, l=150 and h=20) ]

Steam heating system

  • There is a recent steam heating system that the products are heated directly in the tunnel with steam(less than 1 atmosphere and 100 degree C).
    With this fuel-effieicnt steam heating system, the oil consumption can be reduced.
    This system can be adopted according to your demand. For more detailed information, please contact us without hesitating.

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