Drying Machine KS series


Pickles,Fish/shellfish boiled in soy sauce ,Dairy food,Processed marine and meat product

Drying Machine KS series

Feature ( KS-001R )

  • KS-001R uses only water absortion roll. Body is designed compactly so as to be installed into even a small space.
  • As for a standard machine the entrance is work table and exit is chute, but conveyer can be adopted at option.
  • The double water absorption rolls are installed for thorough absorption.
  • According to thickness of products in the bag, water absorption roll can be adjusted easily.

Feature ( KS-001 )

  • Products placed on the net conveyor made from stainless steel automatically go through the water absortion roll and the warm air tunnel. The efficient in drying is substancially risen.
  • The warm air tunnel has semi-closure structure ,and the net conveyer made from stainless steel is adopted, which enable to dry also the bag bottom.
  • Special water absorption roll always looses moisture on the squeeze roll. The water absorption capability is not reduced, even if it is used for long time continuously.
  • The speed of the conveyer can be easily adjusted with the handle.
  • The water absorption roll is frexible, and even a bag with thickness of about 10cm can be used.

Feature ( KS-004 )

  • KS-001 is enlarged in the dimension to handle a lot of bags.
  • The double water absorption roll are adopted, and the speed of the conveyer can be risen.


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