Compact-Size Belt Type Vacuum Packaging Machine AVP-5000 Series

Compact-Size Belt Type Vacuum Packaging Machine AVP-5000 Series

Products for packaging

Ham, Sausage, Cheese, Processed meat products, Processed marine products, Kamaboko(Fish sausage), Japanese Omelette, Deli foods, Pickles, Tsukudani(Foods boiled in soy sauce), Processed agricultural products, Cut vegetables, Other foods, Medical supplies, and Industrial parts

Compact-Size Belt Type Vacuum Packaging Machine with Built-in Vacuum Pump of the Standard Model

Main Features

  • By using a large screen color touch panel, it is simpler to understand the status of ongoing works and mechanical failures.
  • 10 program types can be registered.
  • The body is made of stainless steel. (The chamber is of AL anodized.)
  • Up to 20 degrees of belt angle can be selected in 5 steps.


  • Chiller Unit
  • Detachable belt
  • Vacuum pump can be upgraded and installed separately.
  • 3-stage vacuum timer is equipped for the liquid deaeration packaging.
  • Vacuum pressure control

The above options can be selected in combination.


Machine Introduction Movie

Main Specifications

Effective Seal Length920mm
Distance from the Seal to the Lid400mm500mm
Seal Width14mm
Chamber Depth70mm100mm
Vacuum Pump(Built-in)50Hz:2.0Kw 1050ℓ/Min. 60Hz:2.4Kw 1270ℓ/Min.
Power Supply3 phase 200V  50Hz :3.2kw  60Hz: 3.6kw  

Please get in touch with us if you have an interest in this product.

Please get in touch with us if you have an interest in this product.

  • We offer the option of customization and made-to-order production.
  • Our support system is highly reliable and well-established, and we also provide after-sales service following the delivery and installation of the machine.
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