To satisfy our customers’ needs, we are providing the vacuum packaging machines not only for food but also for industrial and medical products.

To satisfy our customers’ needs, we are providing the vacuum packaging machines not only for food but also for industrial and medical products.

We design and manufacture our vacuum packaging machines domestically (except for some imported machines), so we can handle the customization of the machines and respond quickly to any machine troubles after delivery.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems on vacuum packaging.


  • Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

  • Vacuum-thermoforming Packaging Machine

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STRENGTHStrengths of Nishihara

  • Integrated manufacturing from design to production

    Development, design, and manufacturing of vacuum packaging machines (vacuum pack machines) by Nishihara’s factory. We can customize the machines to meet your requirements.

  • Support and after-sales service by our distributors nationwide

    Our support system is well established, and you can rest assured even after delivery and introduction of the machine.

  • Exports to 40 countries worldwide

    We have sale achievements in various fields and industries both domestically and internationally.

CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCTSCustomization and tailor-made services are available.

CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCTSCustomization and tailor-made services are available.

When making an inquiry, please let us know the product size, shape, weight, bag size, and other desired specifications.
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NISHIHARA'S MACHINES TO THE WORLDExports to 40 countries worldwide

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Since the company's establishment in 1953, we have been committed to the development of packaging-related technologies such as vacuum packaging machines (vacuum pack machines), modified atmosphere packaging machines, and thermoforming vacuum packaging machines. While our primary focus has been on vacuum packaging machines for longer shelf-life food, in recent years, the demand for packaging has expanded across all fields, including industrial products. Therefore, we also cater to our customers' diverse requirements and needs.

We deliver our self-developed vacuum packaging machines from Hiroshima to nationwide and worldwide. They have been highly evaluated overseas with over 1,300 machines exported to 40 countries to date. We will continue to develop machines that meet the needs of our customers and strive to be a company that can contribute to society through packaging.


Name of Exhibition
  • Location and Date
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  • Tokyo International Exhibition Center
  • 6/6/2023~9/6/2023
SHIMANAMIPACK2023 in Fukuyama
  • BIG ROSE Hiroshima Prefectual Fukuyama Convention Center
  • 25/10/2023~26/10/2023


We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our proactive and aggressive efforts.

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Inquiries by phone


(Mon.-Fri. 8:30am – 5:30pm)

  • For machine maintenance and parts order, please contact us.
  • Please contact Seaence Co.,Ltd., our distributor, for the machine order.
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